Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Live and Direct from Manila: Part I

Good afternoon folks! Or for those Stateside, good early morning (I'm from the future)! I'm reporting love in the SM Mega Mall in the heart of Metro Manila, on a spontaneous trip to the Philippines. Hopefully, as I seize opportunities to find internet access, I can write about some of the interviews I will be doing on hip hop in the Philippines. So far so good, I'll keep yall posted on the connex I be makin and the ciphas I be breakin.

Earlier, me and my cousin had the privilege to sit in with DJs Jerome Smooth (a fellow UCLA alum) and Janice at Wave 89.1 in Manila. Listen to them live on the website. I will later report on the hip hop scene here from the point of view of the personalities that pump the jams on the air. Hip hop and R&B (or most likely called "urban") music is quite popular here, way more popular than 11 years ago when I was here last. All the music you hear in the States on the radio is here, PLUS covers of the same music by Filipino artists. I heard a dope Beyonce "Single Ladies" accoustic cover in the Jeepney last night. Not "jologs" at all yo.

My pesos are running out at this net station. Stay tuned...
Update: I am learning more about this "jologs" discourse. Maybe I didn't use it in a proper context above. Look forward to reading this. Hilarious.

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