Saturday, July 25, 2009

100 posts and runnin: Top/favorite topics?

Whether you pronounce it Hip Hop "Livz," Hip Hop "L-eye-vz," or simply FilAm Funk, I am happy to present the 100th Hip Hop Lives post! It's been nearly two years, and we've really made it this far?? From a silly little idea to post up pictures from concerts, to an article-type medium which college students critically analyze (shout to Prof. Cheryl Hitosis in Chicago!) and a cultural learning tool that travels around the world to fellow Filipino artists, this humble little blog has expanded bigger than I ever imagined.

Where will it go next?

I often meet readers who approach me at conferences and community events and give me daps for the blog. I'm always surprised to find out who reads it. I have nothing but love for yall.

For new folks who just started reading, here are the top 5 topics, based on those receiving the most comments:

5. ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: A Tribe in the East with DJ Mike Rizzy
4. Fil Am Famous: Is dance how we'll "get noticed"?
3. Asian Pride on MTV! But, Where Did the Filipino Go? (with more accurate and up-to-date info thanks to commenters)
2. Stuff Fil Am People Like
1. Fil Am "Invasion"?

Finally, out of curiosity and to gather the pulse of YOU ALL--the readers who give life to Hip Hop Lives--please click on one topic in the survey below:
What topic interests you most on Hip Hop Lives?
Artist, Scholar Spotlights
Race, Identity, Language
East, South vs West Coast
Dance crew stuff
Notable events, moments free polls


leo said...

happy centennial birthday, lets hope filam funk hiphop lives till the breakadawn, from east to west, to the westcoast to the manilacoast stayin young, gifted and browwwwwwn.

cheryl said...

holler!! congrats on reaching this milestone! :)

Kristine said...

im a long time reader so congrats! btw, are you prof. balance's ta??? so sad i missed that cipher event.