Friday, January 13, 2012

Keep the Bells Ringin! Rock the School Bells 2012

Rock the School Bells is back!  On March 24th, 2012 at Skyline College in San Bruno, CA, the alternative educational conference and concert returns for another round of workshops, performances, and forums.  Last year we at Fil Am Funk presented on documentary filmmaking.  Will the Funk be present again this year?  We shall see.

RTSB organizer and emcee Nate Nevado continues with his firm belief in the power and praxis of hip hop in our communities.  Sometimes traditional schooling has failed us.  For many of us, hip hop has been there to fill the void.  But an event like RTSB that champions the educational utility of hip hop does not come free.

Let's help Nate and the good folks at RTSB make the event happen.  Their IndieGoGo online fundraising campaign is in full swing, having raised to date over $1,000 of the  $15,000 goal.  You can help them reach their goal by February 15th.   

Keep the bells ringin!

What is Rock The School Bells?

Rock The School Bells (RTSB) is a hip-hop educational youth conference based in the San Francisco Bay Area. It includes a comprehensive blend of workshops and performances that enhance students' ability to:
  • think critically about current issues in their communities as well as in the world
  • read and write about topics related to their life's experiences
  • display effective oral and written communication through readings, spoken word and poetry
  • understand the historical and cultural aspects of hip-hop and its effect on society, education and personal development

These workshops integrate the four key elements of hip-hop: b-boying (breakdancing), graffiti art, DJing (turntablism) and emceeing.

Some of RTSB's past workshops have covered topics such as:
  • Hip-Hop Entrepreneurship
  • DJ Fundamentals
  • Hip-Hop and Social Justice
  • B-Girl It's Your World
  • Weapons of Mass Promotions

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Watch Global Pinay Style

Global Pinay Style documents the rich hip hop dance scene that Filipinas are creating in the Philippines and these dancers' creative influences around the world. Focusing on members of the Philippine All Stars and Stellar, the film shows how Pinays are carving out spaces for a vibrant dance subculture and proving their skills for a global audience.

Welcome to 2012! It's been a year-and-a-half since making Global Pinay Style.  As the women in the film will  attest, so much has happened within that time period: more championships won, more world tours, more music, more albums, the opening of Capital G Shop in Robinson's Galleria where young (and older) people can learn dance moves, and many more updates!  

I hope 2012 has much more in store for Pin@y dancers, musicians, artists, and performers all across the globe!! It's just the beginning.