Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cipher of Styles presentation at Univ. of the Philippines!

MusiKolokya- Informal Talk
Cipher of Styles: Exploring the Filipino Hip-Hop Diaspora
Friday, July 22, 2011 @ 5:30pm
University of the Philippines-Diliman
Instramantaryo Asyano- Abelardo Hall, College of Music

Thanks to Nex and Chex for organizing this event. I hope to meet some interesting scholars, music lovers, and artists and also re-unite with some old friends! Tara na!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Guest Article: Battle of the Beats is a battle for hearts

Chill aka the Queen of Hip Hop in the Philippines
and Red Alert Entertainment brings you the first ever
Battle of the Beats- Philippines

Battle of the Beats
Friday, July 15, 2011 @ 8:00pm
Teatrino in Green Hills


Battle of the Beats is a battle for hearts
by Megan Villanueva

“Hip hop is dead in the Philippines” is a common saying among hip hop heads here.

To Fil Ams like myself who have had the privilege of experiencing the hip hop scene in the Metro Manila, that statement proves to be false. With films like Lyrical Empire and Youtube hits like FlipTop, the world has witnessed the flourishing of hip hop in the Philippines. The nation, mostly known for their ballads and masa sound, has a lot of little-known quality music hiding in the "urban" scene. Upon arriving in the Philippines, when U.S.-based producer/artist Sam Rhansum heard the common saying above, he vowed to be a part of the ongoing struggle to change that perception.

Chill, the Queen of Hip Hop in the Philippines and Sam Rhansum (together with Atlanta-based producer Billy Hume) comprise Red Alert Entertainment. Red Alert has organized the Philippines' first ever Battle of the Beats, which parallels (and in many way exceeds) beat battles in Atlanta, New York and L.A. Premiering Friday, this event will bring a level of competition and long-awaited exposure to a multitude of talented producers of the Philippines. Representing the whole spectrum of urban music, the Battle of the Beats will bring you electronic mixes from Funk Avy to Chrizo’s boom bap hip hop beats to show the diversity among the nation's producers.

Battle of the Beats isn’t just a showcase, it is also an attempt to bridge the unfortunate gaps that prevent unity among artists. As an ongoing program that doesn't stop at Friday's premiere at Teatrino, the event will connect talented producers with aspiring artists and emcees with fellow DJ’s to collaborate and create great music. As an ongoing series, Battle of the Beats will become the platform for media and labels to seek quality beats and talented artists. Furthermore, the much anticipated educational component of the series sets it apart from any other beat battle program as it strives to educate amateur producers--who may lack resources and experience--in enhancing the quality of their production.

To say the least, Battle of the Beats has burdened itself with a lot of responsibility to follow through with these goals. Although, because of the demonstrated support so far its success looks promising.

You are invited to witness the country’s top producers showcase their talents and become a part of this milestone for the industry this Friday, July 15th at Teatrino in Green Hills at 8pm. For tickets call 6334034 or 09174090509.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Live and Direct from Metro Manila, 2011 Edition!

Cutting-edge and multitalented group Los Indios Bravos wreck shop for a punk audience this past Sunday in Timog!

Fil Am emcees perform a freshly-written jam at the Festival of People's Struggles at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. L to R: Eric Tandoc (not pictured), Rogue Pinay, Nomi, and Pele. Get em dawg!

FlipTop exhibition performances on Saturday in Timog. The crowd can't get enough!

Come see the first ever Philippine Battle of the Beats, featuring FilAm Funk friends B-Roc, Chrizo, Flavamatiks, BoJam, and many more! More of this story to come...