Saturday, June 13, 2009

Amber rocks the island beat

Amber, "Taas Noo"

Fil Am artist in the Philippines, Amber Davis, has a new single out called "Taas Noo," and the bruthas at SoulSonic have posted up about it in celebration of Philippine Independence Day (June 12). The song is about being proud and keeping your head high even though the homeland is "ghetto" and not under the most privileged circumstances. The song is pretty raw and is packed with positive, proud lyrics. And Amber not only sings (with a hint of auto-tune stylization!) but spits a hard rap-like chorus. Filipino emcee Gloc-9 laces the track with some fast, mind-dizzying Tagalog lyricism.

Like SoulSonic says, you can DL "Taas Noo" from Amber's website, but only for a limited time. (Hopefully we can still play it on embedded blogs? Prolly not.) You can also listen to samples of her other songs. Dang, who makes the beats? What! AND, she can sing way better than lotta folks on U.S. radio today. (And no, her other songs don't use auto-tune). Lovin the Pinoy talent comin out...Rewritin history without a pen...let the story begin.

It's really neat finding out more and more about "urban" music in the Philippines. Tagalog rap is just the tip of iceberg. We can't forget how R&B and club knocks always parallel hip hop's movement. I guess we've come a long way since "Bebot"!

"Taas Noo" is a banger. Interestingly, it uses the very popular, hand-clapping, crowd pleasing Caribbean beat from "Never Leave You" by Nuyorican singer Lumidee. (Is there a freestyle music connection somewhere here?)

The ever-present Filipino-Puerto Rican colonial funk conexion has struck again! Please read Pro Brown's enlightening write up about Philippine Independence Day here. Aye!

Lumidee: "Take me to the Philippines, where platanos are wrapped and deep friend".

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