Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back to the New School--free album!

Picture taken by Ryan Andres
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Now they dun did it! B-Roc and the folks at Turbulence Productions been steady on the grind with this one. And today they drop "Back 2 the New School" as free regalo for you. Get ready to learn your lessons. A review coming soon. (Congrats yall!)

"June 17, 2009 -- 12 MIDNIGHT. We now bring you BACK 2 THE NEW SCHOOL. A collection of songs penned, conceptualized and produced in 2 weeks. New songs by your favorite independent artists, as well a track from Singapore based Filipino MC Kwizyne. Enjoy this download, we will bring you a behind the scenes (video and pictures) of this release next week. Below are two links to download this release."


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