Friday, March 5, 2010

March 6 Anniversaries

Protesting the dismal representation of blacks on UC Irvine campus

I haven't had time to write too much lately. With all these protests (and here) and other actions (see earlier post) happening with the University of California system and the state of education in general, and almost dying on the 405 (overheated engine), life's been interesting!

Francis M. living a happy battle

But otherwise, March 6 marks an important day. Not only is today the anniversary of Francis M.'s passing, it marks the time that I met the good folks in Metro Manila through the magic of the interwebs. In a strange, sad, but fortunate way, Francis M.'s death and the traffic in the blogosphere related to it linked me with a whole scene in the Philippines. From building with B-Roc at Soulfiesta, to dialoging with other artists on myspace, finding SoulsonicTV, having the privilege to honor Francis M. at Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture with MastaPlann (after bootcamp Francis M. lessons), DLing Back to the New School (knocked me off my ass), linking up with Jerome B. Smooth in Manila (via A.J. Calomay, thanks homey), interviewing artists from Las Pinas to Mandaluyong (to Northridge!), breakin with heads at The Empire Club, linking more Fil Ams with these same heads (good lookin out Leo!), oh the list goes on!

Graphic by Millc

All this has culminated to the creation of my short documentary on independent hip hop artists in the Philippines entitled Lyrical Empire: Hip Hop in Metro Manila, which I'm happy to announce is premiering at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival in May (exact dates TBA). I truly hope that Fil Ams support this production, as this is mainly for us. Represent!

So in honor of March 6, peep Soulfiesta's reflection on this anniversary, and let's continue educating ourselves about the King of Pinoy Rap and his legacy...

"Radio is killin true OPM when
they wouldn't give Francis M promotion then
and just cause he's dead, over that weekend
they started playing his songs in all stations
a cold statement, but the truth must dent
you gotta pay your rent, and there's money in death
your ratings rose, hiphops making the news
its the type of hype that some will abuse
cause while we were mourning, while we was hurting
somebody wanted to shoot a video for him
I mean, great! you did a song for him before he died
how do you really think he feels inside
sure you spoke, sure you text and kept you inspired
but let the family grieve his death for awhile
before you get your shine on, tv, radio grind on
we burying our king, good reason we turn our mics off
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