Monday, November 12, 2012

Not Giving In: Beautiful slum x bboy uplift

Hello again world! I've been doing other projects lately, but I just had to post this beautifully done Philippine bboy uplift and escape narrative featuring the music of Rudimental.  The shots are artfully done, and it seems they have a balloon or a helicopter camera.  The acting is superb.

The neorealistic video tells the story of Ereson Catipon aka Mouse a bboy from the harcore slums who dodged many obstacles to become a Philippine bboy champion.  He moved to UK in 1996 and continued to win championships in UK and worldwide.     

The guys at Epicenter--the "Sports Center" for Bboys and Bboy culture--had a chance to interview Mouse at the beginning of their 6th episode.  You can listen to this interview here, beginning around 10:50-30:20:

Special thanks: Chesca and Chris Woon!