Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Cipher: In these streets that we done took

Philippines 1986 power to the people

Will Egypt be able to fulfill the promise of democracy and equality that the Philippines has yet to realize? God-willing. But for now, the streets is ours...

Space and defiance. Here are different b-boys in egypt doing their thing...

"I never sleep.
Cuz sleep is the cousin of death."
-"New York State of Mind," Nas

"I got one rhyme for each reason
Two for each mother
Down on her knees weepin.
Fuck this government the
Guns mean it.
This is for the children
Who lay bleedin.
The fathers, the mothers,
The children who ain't eatin...
If you a gangta then you organized already.
Just turn that plan away from your brotha
And find your enemy..."

-"Slave Thinking", Native Guns


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Unknown said...

Since Tunisia's street vendor, Mohamed Bouazizi, took his life out of desperation has catalyzed popular movements throughout Middle East,
I wonder how these movements affect the sentiments of Muslim Mindanao?

I realize it's a region entirely removed from Middle East and different context, but toppling central power in Egypt and Tunisia doesn't seem like a far cry in toppling stronghold of oppressive family dynasties in Central and Southern Mindanao.