Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sign of the Crossover: Bay Area edition

Congrats to Kularts for a successful first PeliKULa! Film Series show this past Sunday in San Francisco! Big ups to Ninoy Brown/FOBBDeep for holdin it down for me, and to Antonio for doing the damn thang. Thanks for everyone who attended and supported me, Eric, and all the talented filmmakers who participated.

I'll be up in SF this week to present my paper entitled "Sign of the Crossover: Mainstreaming Filipino Liminality" at the San Francisco State University Ethnic Studies Conference on Thursday at 11:00am in Rosa Parks-A.

What's that paper all about? Glad you asked. Looking at Manny Pacquiao and Filipino Americans in reality TV shows, I pose questions concerning a "brown" Asian American. Can Asian America (with all its loaded connotations) ever signify a distinct Filipinoness? Or will Asian American forever be assigned an East Asian (Japanese, Chinese, etc.) register? Can the emerging/insurgent Filipino majority redefine Asianness in the U.S.? Should Filipinos even be considered Asian American?

On another note, 40 years of Ethnic Studies is amazing! No 40 acres, but 40 years don't hurt. Keep on keepin on SFSU! 40 years of alternative, relevant, and resistant education. Word?


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