Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hip Hop Mestizaje in San Francisco! Yee!

Hip Hop Mestizaje will be showing in San Francisco on Sunday, October 4th, along with other great films. Thanks Kularts!! I'll try to make it to the Q&A, but no promises...

PeliKULa! Pin@y Film Series
First Sundays of the Month

Dim the lights, silence your cell phones, butter your popcorn, sit back and relax as Kularts presents its first Pin@y Film series featuring works by today's leaders in cutting-edge Pin@y cinema.

5pm, Sun OCT 4

Art for Social Change (Documentaries) Admission: $7


Hip Hip Mestizaje: Racialization,
Resonance, and Filipino American
Knowledge of Self

Director: Mark Villegas
Why Filipinos, why hip hop? A coast-to-coast exploration of Filipinos immersion into the hip hop movement, highlighting the cultural and racial impact of colonization on Filipino artists.

Sounds of a New Hope
Director: Eric Tandoc
Co-presented by ALAY
Growing up around LAs neighborhood gangs in the 90s, a young Filipino-American named Kiwi (Jack DeJesus) became an MC and community organizer, using hip-hop to raise consciousness
for genuine democracy. Through sharing life experiences, beats, and rhymes, youth from San Mateo to Metro Manila make connections across oceans that inspire the next generation to continue the ongoing struggle for freedom.

Showman Shaman
Director: Egay Navarro
Free-thinking independent artists catapulted Baguio into a vital art center of the Philippines in the late 80s such as Roberto Villanueva's art installation of his own cremation - outdoors, in the middle of Baguio City, mourners circled his funeral pyre, chanting and dancing to the beat of gangsa gongs.

Huna Huna
Director: Wilfred Galila
A haunting art film calling for environmental awareness and action in response to the largest oil spill in Philippine history.

Q&A Panel: Eric Tandoc, Suzanne Llamado (Baguio Arts Guild), and Wilfred Galila

...Stay Tuned for The Dark Side: Pin@y Horror and More! (NOV 1)


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