Monday, April 27, 2009

Boom, bap...original rap! Addressing expressions of indigeneity

---Brown (Ugly)
------Tribal (Savage)
Roots (Uncivilized)---------
Soulful (Cursed)---

Dear Fili Islander/Tribal Pinoy/Roots-Reggae/Hip Hop Head:

What's all this about Filipino tribal roots? What makes you think you're so special? Do you think you're different because of your proto-indigeneity? Ok, I guess you can claim that you have "natural" island proclivities to stomp and dance, a la
Sam Slovick from the LA Weekly, but is that really what's happening here?

Come here. Let me see your feet. Does your big toe protrude inwards? Super balance on the dance floor?

What's up with all the tattoos? What does skin have to do with style? Now that you have tattoos, are you more like Pacific Islanders? Should I give you more credence in indigenous and sovereignty politics? Is Western penetration a stain just like the needle to skin?

Come here. Let me measure your skull. Is it bigger or smaller than White people's? Asian people's? Black people's? Are you smarter, dumber, more likely to consent to discipline like
Cebu prisoners?

Are you the model minority? Or are you the criminal? Are you the loved? Or the hated? Are you the owner? Or the worker? Are you the silent one? Or the loquacious?

Where is your allegiance? Who do you report to? What colors do you represent? Are you pure? Or are you a bastard? What is your language? Where are your books? Who is your God? Are you soulful? Or cursed?

Come here. Will you dance for me? Sing for me? Work for me?

Why not? What makes you think you're so special?

Until I see you again (and again),



ejunco said...

So where's all this coming from?

MV said...

Anxities in Hawai'i...

C said...

Very thought provoking and made me think.