Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fil Am Modern Practices: Like Prison?

Crank That! Cebu Prisoners Rippin' Up Soulja Boy and (a long) MC Hammer routine

WTF? Foreal?

I wish my dance troupe back in college was this dedicated. With 6 hour practices until 2am, I guess it was kind of like prison (just kidding).

In all seriousness, incredible video. Amazing how transnational mainstream rap (and dance) from the U.S. is (thank you internets), and how old school/sentimental music like MC Hammer reverberates globally.


Anonymous said...

is this forreal?! beautiful! :D

Unknown said...

I said this when I saw the thriller video,

Only in the Pilipinas! Only in PI you can have a legitimate program in the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center that gets together prisoners to participate in dance routine compared to what we have in the US. This must increase some quality of life standard that US prisons don't even have.

This would never ever ever be successful in the US though.

cheryl said...


fidelia said...

remarkable but not surprising. we filipinos frequently find amusement in things most view as serious...the yoyo, for example, originally not a toy but a filipino-invented primative weapon used in the jungle to knock someone's block off. when not combatting enemies, i'm sure there was somebody showboating their yoyo skills like "walk the dog" and "around the world". anyway, those orange jumpsuits are less of a fashion nightmare than hammerpants!