Friday, October 24, 2008

Making Moves and Movies: Check out "Reminder" here and "Legend" in Chicago

These Fil Ams be runnin for democracy! Boogie Brown and Calamity remind us to vote on Nov. 4th in "The Reminder" below. Or maybe they runnin away from a mo mo. Hala!

Good music from Common Market. Good shots of NY (Astoria? Chirping Chicken foo!!) Brown and Calamity be inspirin me to get on the grind. Who wants to be in my next film project? Anyways, "The Reminder" brings to the cipher an important question:
What are the (electoral) political issues of the Fil Am hip hop generation (i.e. war, the economy, prison reform, education, veteranos, affirmative action, etc.)?

Photo from "Legend." A young Icy Ice (rockin a fresh McGuyver mullet) as one of the last Spectrum DJs. Los Angeles, late 1980s.

On another note, just when I thought it was all said and done, "Legend" is still making its festival rounds. After a fun week showing at the San Diego Asian Film Festival (and the UC Riverside extension program last week), my film will be showing at the Chicago Filipino American Film Festival on Sunday, Nov. 9th. Midwest folks, come support!


Unknown said...

i meant to respond to this earlier. but really this question has astonishingly STUMPED me.

is it immigration reform? workforce justice with our newly arrived family? U.S. military arms in the Philippines?

these are all policy suggestions, but I'm saying that from my own personal experience, alas i can't cite a specific fil am issue other than obvious Veteran issue that is directly coming from our communities...


MV said...

I wonder if anyone watched "Legend" at the Chicago film fest?

Anyways, when i think about it, there probably isn't any "Fil Am hip hop generation issue" per se. I mean, its such a diverse "community." I know fil am hip hop heads who are mad republican. Whats up with that?

And it's also a coastal/regional thing. The Vets Equity thing is definitely a dominant issue on the West Coast, for example. In the South, it might I don't know.

Basically, if we can attempt to generalize, maybe our issues are just like any other young, people of color hip hop generation concerns: war, prison reform, drug policy reform, etc. At least I hope...

The whole Filipino, young republican really puzzles me though. Lola...yes I understand that. She'll go to the grave with rosary beads and a Maryknoll prayerbook before she votes other than republican.

But young Filipinos who "vote with your faith" really means vote republican.

God bless us.