Monday, June 21, 2010

Roscoe Umali reppin on "Lake Show" Lakers Anthem

Pardon the absence. The Fil Am Funk account got hacked and temporarily disabled. We're back and in action! Today was the Lakers' parade in downtown LA. with an estimated 65,000 people lining Figueroa to get a glimpse of the team and sneak a peak at the Finals MVP.

LA's own Roscoe Umali makes an appearance on the official Lakers 2010 Anthem, "The Lakeshow," pumped by Power 106. This Fil Am emcee commands the mic alongside Ice Cube and other LA institutions. Umali's flow clear and powerful, as always, as he provides a litany of Laker greats. (Will there be a new dynasty in the 2010 decade??)

Why are Filipinos so intimately linked to the Lakers? For example, a Chinese American dude once told me that when he thinks of Filipinos, he stereotypes them as avid, overly enthusiastic, purple and gold bleedin Lakers fans. I know someone whose Lola was buried wearing a Kobe jersey. And also someone whose cousin is named "Kobeshaq"--like that, one word, first name: "Kobeshaq". He was named pre-divorce, I guess.

What's up Pinoyz? Anyone bleed green?

This is why Ron Artest was beastin the whole series: he's powered by halo-halo:

Note: halo-halo's ube and leche flan: purple..and goldish.

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