Monday, June 7, 2010

JabbaWockeeZ get wicked Sin City!

The JabbaWockeeZ try their luck in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand! But this opportunity ain't just about fortune, cuz these guys are pure talent. Advertised right in between David Copperfield and Tom Jones, are these the most popular Filipino Americans in the States right now? Between the supernatural and the karaoke hitmaker, these guys are like the magical Filipinos!
The 2000s are a great era for Filipino Americans and hip hop! The crucibles of Filipino American culture are demanding and commanding national attention. Seattle and the progressive Filipino community bred the talent of legendary poetry troupe Isangmahal (who are back apparently) alongside one of the most successful independent hip hop groups the Blue Scholars. Seattle is interesting, people!

Performers who cut their teeth in the San Francisco/San Diego Pinoy/ay hip hop spaces have clearly demonstrated their skills to the TV world on America's Best Dance Crew, and now the tourist world in Las Vegas gets to experience the JabbaWockeeZ. Not that the measure of skill and success should be defined by "outsiders", but a little attention never hurt nobody. Especially when MGM JabbaWockeeZ tickets go for over $70.00 each, man, a little money in yo pockets never hurt nobody either! Make that dough, bro. And look good doing it...

Besides, if purists want to keep the culture "inside" (hey, I ain't mad at ya), it looks like we're doing just fine doing that too!

From the garage ground to the world stage! Isulong!


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