Sunday, December 28, 2008

Welcome to the new URL address/ VA Beach love/ BakitWhy

Whats up readers old and new! Welcome to the new Hip Hop Lives url address. I hope you update your google reader feeds, etc. The old one was long (, and I didn't know you can customize your own url address until last week (it's now

Check out my homegirl Jian's new blog on all things fresh and hip in Virginia Beach, VA:
VB2DC (or Virginia Beach to DC--she resides in DC but reps VB).
Get updated on the scene in VB, from fashion, to events, to artists. This is the home of Chad Hugo and N.E.R.D. and a historic Fil Am hip hop community. Whats up Salem High? Ha!

Yes that is Glory's famous pizza bread. What you know!

If you want to read a VERY fictional account of the VB Filipino community, you should pick up my friend Ate Evelina Galang's novel One Tribe. (I think that's me holding the book in that picture at the top). It has some interesting narrative on the tensions involved in community-building, a perpetual challenge considering the diversity of Fil Am communities. VB is a navy community, so that adds more dimensions to the context (just like Jacksonville, FL or San Diego). What's notable in the book is the gang culture among the young people, a very real part of our history that is rarely written about, so this book is a good start to hopefully more explorations about Fil Ams and gang culture (both violent and "crew" gang culture).

And the other reason why VA Beach is on my mind is my childhood homey just got married this weekend. He grew up in VA Beach, and many family members from VA Beach came down to Jacksonville for the wedding. The VB hip hop scene is well-known to be hot, the groom even imported a DJ from VA Beach, Philip Andrada, with all his equipment, just to rock the reception. Oh, and we did rock. Can you imagine all the groomsman lookin fresh in tuxedos and sneakers? After all these years, my homeys still bustin mills and 90s. This is the most hip hop wedding I've been to! Congrats Jo and Cheryl!

Speaking of VB and navy towns, if you don't already know, I am a content producer for a very neat Pilipino website called This site is the biggest, most comprehensive, most "national" website that consolidates a young Pinoy/ay community. Anyways, I wrote something relating to the navy experience in our community; here's a little piece on my hometown. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

salams again! too funny, philip used to dj our youth summits and fanhs events back in the day. i def need to do a write up on one tribe soon.. yes, fictional but also features real life community leaders and events that really did go down during evelina's time here ..also talk about her work w/ the lolas. will link up your jax entry too.. gonna post about another navy town, chicago, to add to the mix :)