Sunday, May 18, 2008


Image #1"Click, click, clap / Click, click, clap / One, two, three / One, two, FREEZE!"


Image #2
"Boom, bap, boom-boom, BAP / Boom, bap, boom-boom, FREEZE!"

Now, you write a caption to both of these images in the comments.


Unknown said...

Image 1 - "I hope I don't trip!/ I hope I don't trip!"

Image 2: girl: "I can totally out rock this fool"

guy: "my forearms are stuck.."

Anonymous said...

image 1: "if i stand up right now, i could ruin this guy's chances of ever having kids..."

image 2: "how come no one ever told me FSA was like being in a Cebu prison?"

James said...

image one: my flava

image two: my love

James said...

that was me up there (jae boogie), the last comment.

check out my demo!