Friday, May 9, 2008

Thanks! LEGEND documentary at Film Festival!

MV and DJ Icy Ice, fest-ing it up

Thanks to everyone who represented at the Asian Pacific Film Festival program "VC Digital Posse" on Wednesday and supported my short documentary "Legend." Thanks Ernie Pena for the nice photos.

And to all the loud, rude people in the back of the theater screaming (for me)...THANKS! Ya'll made me feel popular. Note to the educators out there: in order to feel popular, bring your students to your own event... make their grades ride on it...And they'll make you feel like you won somethin. The love! Ya'll look so glamorous (above photo).

It's been a great ride. Thanks to the Visual Communications Armed With a Camera (AWC) Emerging Artists grant. Also, big ups to the AWC 2008 cohort! Can any AWC cohort compare to us? And most of all, thanks to Icy Ice for sharing his stories and flexing on the wheels of steel at the program afterparty. Bringin da noise! (Did he play the funky Freestyle jams? Yes he did!)


Leo said...
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Leo said...

congrats to my homie and DJ ICEY ICE!
that's theory and application right there!