Saturday, March 1, 2008

Filipino Hip Hop Renaissance Showcase: See you there!

I'mma be reppin' "Hip Hop Mestizaje" at this event at University of California, Irvine on Friday, March 7. See you there Kaba! (Peace Antonio)

UDPATE (3-8-08):
Thanks for an incredible night Antonio, Jana, Doris, and everyone! It was a huge success, thanks for letting me a small part of it. TDB and Kaba fo lyfe. Ya'll are inspiring and give life to consciousness, art, and community. Keep on doin what you do. Anyone got pictures to share?


trina said...

pictures? youuu got it. =]

MV said...

Thanks Trina. Who is the artist of the "Lost-Found" painting?

trina said...

the live artists of the night consisted of:
pia banez (lost-found)
rommel dimacali (lost-found)
tristan parrish (live-graffiti)

trina said...
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