Sunday, March 9, 2008

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: EyeASage ain't playin

EyeASage spittin fierce

Peace to EyeASage (Krishtine de Leon) for puttin on a dope show at the UC Irvine TDB/Kababayan "Filipino Hip Hop Renaissance" Showcase on Friday. (Bambu wrapped it up right with the "Chairman Mao" acapella! I got you in part II bro).

One of my favorite songs on EyeASage's "Married to the Hustle" mixtape is "Macktivist," a song that perhaps many of us can relate to??? Krish's lyrics are sharp, cutting, and brutally honest. Let's take a look:


"You can keep it movin
I ain’t the gullible type
I can give a flyin fuck about the poems you write
Got yo fist in the air like you just don’t care
Tryin to gripe about the system like
“It just ain’t fair”
Looky here
You’re kickin some predictable shit
Rock dreads in a cap that your grandma knit
Take a lot more than that to be down for the cause
And take way more than that just to get in the draws
I like to see you spittin' game to the next
Generation of sistas
That love salad but can’t stand oppression
Funny as hell but they’ll see
Activists can be as wack as other people can be
Don’t let the propaganda fool you if you’re tryin to fuck
And tell Huey P. Bootsy that he’s shit outta luck

Ha, anyways

You got Martin and Marley on the front of the line
But they cheatin on they wives like half of the time
Even Malcolm had to question on the movement himself
When he found out that Elijah was dickin the help
While he preachin’ bout respect
Puttin family first
But couldn’t tell between a woman
And a hole in the dirt
It’s funny how they wanna question how we livin our lives
I could push the titties up
And they be changing they minds
Cuz a man is just a man at the end of the day
Bet a hundred million dollas he won’t turn it away
Almost nine out of ten would rather barter belief
long as pussy gettin slanged on the regular, b
If Che Guevara wanna holla he can pump on the brakes
Cuz revolution separate between the real and the fake
You can hide a wedding ring in the palm of ya fist
“Activist” is just a word like “nigga” and “bitch”"

Wooooord? I know, I know, there are a lot of Fil Am activists who rock mad sexy flavor. I mean, who doesn't look cute rockin a revolutionary bandana at a Fil Am Vets rally? HOT! (Just as a note, I cannot be considered in the macktivist camp because grandma refused to knit my cap. And my dreads is a weave. Booyaa!)

Seriously, this important critique of patriarchy and sexual preoccupation within "activist" spaces reminds me of one of Kiwi's dopest lines in the first Native Guns Stray Bullets Mixtape (Track 23):

"You know the down brown man is a myth
Cuz even down brown men treat their women like sh-"


Make sure to peep the "Married to the Hustle" mixtape!



On another note, make sure to DL the new Heavy Rotation 2008 show for March. Bambu represents live from the Heavy Rotation Launch Party at the San Diego House of Blues. You can also hear Ms. Krish's jam "Sco Nails" on the playlist, along with a fresh set of jump offs.


Anonymous said...

Yes, that show was definitely something.

There's a lot of truth in the Married to the Hustle mixtape, and "Macktivist" is definitely one of my favorites! I wish UCI had better microphones, but after all those mics meant for lectures unaccompanied by bands/DJs.

It's too bad EyeASage didn't do "Flashing Lights" because the Irvine PD was definitely allupons the streets that night. There's a theory/joke that someone in the audience was an undercover CIA/FBI agent keeping tabs on the political atmosphere, especially Bambu's activity.

gianacarmen said...

i'm all late on this, but took me awhile to track this article back down.. mas from tamara k. nopper..

Morose said...

catching upon your blog got me downloading her mixtape and macktivist is my now jammmmm ...