Monday, November 12, 2012

Not Giving In: Beautiful slum x bboy uplift

Hello again world! I've been doing other projects lately, but I just had to post this beautifully done Philippine bboy uplift and escape narrative featuring the music of Rudimental.  The shots are artfully done, and it seems they have a balloon or a helicopter camera.  The acting is superb.

The neorealistic video tells the story of Ereson Catipon aka Mouse a bboy from the harcore slums who dodged many obstacles to become a Philippine bboy champion.  He moved to UK in 1996 and continued to win championships in UK and worldwide.     

The guys at Epicenter--the "Sports Center" for Bboys and Bboy culture--had a chance to interview Mouse at the beginning of their 6th episode.  You can listen to this interview here, beginning around 10:50-30:20:

Special thanks: Chesca and Chris Woon!


Anonymous said...

interesting mv

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boogaleo said...

it's crazy I been listening to kendrick lamar's good kid maad city nonstop and this video hit home. compton or manila, our folks are laying their lives to survive

that scene with homie doing flare combos on concrete almost brought me to tears. our folks were hard. 24/7

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