Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another Allstars Victory!

On to the next one!

The Philippine Allstars are back and keep on winning! On Saturday, June 11, 2011, the group took 1st place at the Dance2Dance "World Street Dance Showcase Competition" in Zurich, Switzerland. After a few years hiatus, these national dance heroes are making a strong comeback. With a killer combination of hip hop foundation, theatrical spectacularity, power moves, and freaky "spear" freezes, the Allstars' hunger still proves stuff of champions.

Still, the Allstars faced tough competition, especially from USA's Mos Wanted (who seem to have Filipino American members of their own!). These America's Best Dance Crew competitors, who won 2nd place at the Dance2Dance event, showed perfect on-beat (and on-lyric!) execution with impressive repertoire of dance styles (house set is awesome!).

We welcome back the Allstars to the world stage. As winners of back-to-back Gold in 2006 at the International Hip-Hop Open d'Italia in Italy and the World Hip-Hop Dance Championships (WHHDC) in Los Angeles, Gold in 2008 at the WHHDC in Las Vegas, and another Gold in 2009 at the Malta Guiness Streetdance Africa competition, the Allstars have given a funky vision of Filipinos to dazzle the world!


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tndcallphilippines said...

they make it look so easy! fantastic! more power to the Philippine Allstars. Good luck against Mos Wanted. :)