Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Cipher: Immature acts

Don "Half-Pint" Santos was an original member of the wildly popular 90s R&B group Immature. During the early 1990s, before Filipino Americans would have a (modest) presence in mainstream music, Don Santos paved the way, making appearances on The Arsenio Hall Show and House Party 2 and ultimately leaving an impression on a whole generation of Filipino Americans and beyond. What happened to Mr. Santos? Why did he leave the group? Where is he now?

Searching for Don "Half-Pint" Santos (featured in the 27th Annual Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival) is a short documentary that explores the whereabouts of the child phenom. Here is an excerpt from the film's website:

"Searching for Don ‘Half-Pint’ Santos is a short documentary that takes the audience on a journey to find Don Santos, a former member of 1990’s R&B group, Immature. The documentary will focus not only what happened to Don Santos, but the actual journey to find Santos.

I grew up in the 80‘s-90’s listening to Hip-Hop and R&B. Anything from gangsta rap to east coast hip-hop to slow jams were bumping on my walkman. Don’t get me wrong, I’d get in some grunge and alternative in there as well. But, R&B and Hip-Hop just called out to me.

A couple years later, I would reminisce with friends and talk about how music wasn’t like it used to be... And then someone popped the question, “Did you know there was a Filipino in Immature?” Wait, what? There is? I thought they were all African-American? Some people could recall that there was. We’d then ask more questions about him and the group." CONTINUE READING...


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