Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Festival reflections: When the fun is done

Ok, so the 17th Annual Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture (FPAC) is finished. Finito. Tapos na!

So many things happened in the past week, that it is difficult for me to process. Where to start? I don't know. Everything seemed HUGE, so it feels insufficient to just mention a few things. Since this blog is dedicated to hip hop culture, and I helped spearhead the hip hop programs for the festival, you'll soon read upcoming interviews and reflections about the following programs related to FPAC:

FPAC Hip Hop Circle at Lost Souls Cafe!
Sharing the table with the new and old school, this event hopes to be the start of some solid documentation on Fil Ams in Hip Hop culture. A night to remember! Among those present were filmmaker John Castro (The Debut), Oliver Wang (Fil Am DJ historian), Joe Bataan (the King of Latin R&B), Kuttin Kandi (Turntablist champion and activist), Krishtine deLeon (rapper and journalist), Bambu (rapper and community activist), Mark Pulido (veteran popper, LA Fil Am hip hop historian, and elected official--how you like that bro?), and Arnel Calvario (doctor, founder of Kaba Modern, and President of Culture Shock LA).

Boom mics and camcorders invade the cypher!

Joe Bataan on his rap record "Rap-O-Clap-O" success in Europe

The cypher at Lost Souls FPAC Tribute to the Filipino DJ

Nice gold records (courtesy of homey Mary Rose)! Nasty Nes almost making us all cry! Congratulations Nes, Babu (and son), Rhett, and Kandi! Maybe future honorees were in the crowd, looking up and day?

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Show and Prove Street Dance Showcase

Who had the biggest crowd at the festival? Could it be Show and Prove? Unbelievable!

Kiwi and Bambu live reunion

I had a hunch it was going to happen, and so did many other Native Guns fans. Then, booyah! Two bald-headed brothas with tattoos! Brrrrat!!

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Did you especially enjoy any particular program at FPAC this year?

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Boogie Brown/The Brian said...

congrats homie! looks mad successful. give more details about the guns reunion and the show and prove show and the hip hop circle. details, man, details!