Monday, February 18, 2008

A (Modest) Collection of Fil Am Hip Hop / R&B

Here's a little collection of Fil Am hip hop and R&B music (DJs, singers, and rappers) that I have gathered in the passed few weeks. Thanks to Boogaleo for gettin' me up to some of these joints. (You can catch him at a Gulf Coast club struttin' as unsuspecting onlookers ogle.) I'm (naively) surprised at the magnitude in which Fil Ams are creating the scene. Thanks to the internets, I guess folks like me (and maybe you?) are able to bring these various artists conveniently together, enjoy them, and learn from them. Definitely hit me up if you think someone needs to be on this little list. Remember, this is just a small collection of some recent finds (no particular order).

Kiwi's video "Imagine," directed by J*. This video is ill, what hip hop and community-building could be at its best.

Heavy Rotation Show:
February 08
January 08
December 07

DJ Ice Water's Lunar Heights / J Dilla mix:

Open Line Media (thanks to Kiwi for gettin me hip to it) with link to the new Intelligent Movement mixtape:

Eye A Sage's "Married to the Hustle" mixtape and interview:

Freddie Joachim (dope music producer out here in LA, don't sleep!):

Lauren Santiago:

DJ Icy Ice's LA Lights Mix:

Diskarte Namin (although I don't think it would be classified as hip hop or R&B, it's music you shouldn't sleep on. Thanks Boogaleo!):

BJ Alisago (RIP), who founded Diskarte Namin:

Nomi of Power Struggle, his newest record and myspace:

And as a treat (thanks to a gem interview in the Philippines with DJ Icy Ice and Magic 89.9), I linked this article about Filipinos reppin' in the "streetwear" fashion industry (featured here is Omar Quiambao of Commonwealth). Interesting take on Filipinos and their "lumping" in the Asian category. Don't really know what the author is gettin' at, but interesting nonetheless. Regarding Fil Ams in the "streetwear" fashion industry: "...our brothers and sisters of Filipino descent have been at the forefront of the movement." Is anyone writing about this scene?


Anonymous said... also has a grip of mixes to dl. and don't forget Son of Ran.

so is there any aesthetic style linking these artists together?

gianacarmen said...

again, i love how omar had to throw the redneck disclaimer out there in re: to va :) a few more e. coast folks..

--dj mike rizzy ( of kuyatribe productions ( from ny2va

--deep foundation ( from the tristate area ..kinda like the fil am wu-tang clan? haha

--soul lyric ( from va beach

actually, come to think of it.. in va beach at least, there are A LOT more fil ams in the indie and alternative music scenes now vs. hip hop and r&b. would love to hear if this is the same in other communities..

MV said...


I really don't know if I intentionally linked these artists by a certain aesthetic style. Either they have new material, or some of their stuff just happens to be new to me.

Son of Ran. Yessss. I listen to his album all the time, not sick of it anytime soon.
Son of Ran's myspace. Melodical yet fierce flow. Props to Freddie Joachim's beats too.

Jian, thanks for biggin up your VA Beach folks. Don't forget about Happy Slip! Ha!